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A high number of emergency (911) calls are made for elderly folks who fall, with many patients not subsequently transported to a hospital. However, ambulance crews do not generally have protocols or training to leave people at home, and systems for referral are rare. 

The quality and safety of current practice has been debated, in which for the first time, the short‐term outcomes of older people left at home by emergency ambulance crews after a fall are often hard to pin down.

This uncertainty points toward the importance of an urgent care facility's ability to assess and follow up with people of all ages after an at home accident, or a fall.  By visiting an urgent care facility, amulance crews are available for other emergencies and proper medical assessment and followup is available.

If you have an accident at home, or fall in your home, visit the urgent care at Families First Health Center.  We have X-Ray machines on our premesis and we can provide the care you need to revover quickly from any scratches, breaks or sprains.

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